PLATFORMA - proven provider of litigation financing, legal marketplace, and well-established media

  • Litigation finance - to support high-value legal cases with financing sources to cover all legal proceedings
  • Platforma marketplace - to facilitate lawyer-claimant-defendant ecosystem, including all facets of communications and service delivery
  • Platforma media - to provide a proven and comprehensive source of legal information on market evolution, renowned events and proceedings, and PR support for selected clients who require wide legal case transparency
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Litigation Financing

  • commercial disputes
  • consumer rights
  • legacy rights
  • corporate disputes
  • intellectual property
  • domestic and international arbitration
  • breach of contracts / indemnification
  • poor quality medical service

Investments can be applied to cover all kinds of legal expenses including legal fees, expertise expenses, state duty payments


Investments enforce position in court and enable countering financially stronger counterpart in long-term legal proceedings


No expenses and risks; if the case is lost, investments are not returned


Free professional expetise to evaluate case merits


LEGAL marketplace

We welcome you to join our Lawyer Directory that aims to develop an ecosystem of lawyers and clients. The Lawyer Catalog (Directory) offers you to find lawyer in your local vicinity or wherever comfortable, request your case consideration with affordable pricing or external financing.


Make use of our Lawyer Directory according to your requests and demands. Select your city, preferrable legal expertise, browse available lawyers by their regional presense, level of experience, applicable law practice, client opinion, and success stories, as well as pricing ranges. You can also gather lawyers into flexible, dedicated teams to cover your current demand for legal services.


Some types of court cases — for example, protecting consumer rights — are important to publicize and attract the attention of journalists and the public. We provide comprehensive PR support services for commercial disputes, «individual versus corporation» disputes and class action suits. We also position ourselves as a comprehensive legal media that covers all notable news, events, names, companies, offers webinars, conducts research, etc.


Litigation Funding is an accepted and judicially sanctioned activity perceived to be in the public interest.

Lord Justice Tomlinson
Excalibur Ventures LLC v. Texas Keystone Inc 2017

Many are predicting that we're going to see an increase in third-party funding. The States' necessary responses to the current virus-health situation and the economic situation as the consequence of course are causing a lot of very quick moving measures which could end up generating a number of disputes that are coming up and we will probably also be seeing the increase in third-party funding for insolvent parties that may have claims.

Patricia Shaughnessy,
former vice chair, scc
online conference “Arbitration on the Eve of the New Era”, May 15, 2020

Third-party litigation funding is here to stay, and not just for small or cash-strapped claimants...the involvement of a funder adds an additional layer of diligence at an early stage of the process, leading to greater rigour in risk and cost-benefit assessments.

Freshfields Bruckhaus Deringer
International Arbitration February 2016

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